Meet Chazzie


hazzie is 13 and has her eyes set on high school next year. She has a passion for volunteering and finding ways to help others. In addition, Chazzie loves to travel and learn about other cultures. She is determined to be fluent in Spanish and is working hard in school to make this a reality. She’s already starting to plan her first study abroad program (Spain is top of the list).

Chazzie is also developing a love of public speaking. Her own journey was the inspiration behind The GenderCool Project, and she realizes that by telling her story, she is helping people understand that kids who identify as transgender are just like all other kids. She’s spoken at corporations, conferences, schools and to media across the country. She’s currently preparing to go to Washington, D.C. where she will speak with the other GenderCool Champions in front of thousands of attendees in the corporate world to help them better understand the nextgen workforce.

Like many teenage girls, Chazzie loves to follow beauty gurus. Her current favorite is Jeffree Star.

Chazzie can usually be found with her best friend Creek, who she’s know since they were babies. Chazzie has three older brothers, Max/22, Lev/20 and Jess/18 and a Portuguese Water Dog named Flash.


She, her, hers

Favorite song(s):

ODD: By Hey Violet/In My Blood/Shawn Mendes

Favorite clothing line:

Zara or Prana Vida

Dream vacation:

Australia because there are beautiful sights to see and my friends live there!